>The last few days have been good ones as far as eating and exercising.

I’m almost to the point where I’m going to weigh in again and check my measurements. It’s been hard to not peek. I’ve done so 3 times and twice it was not a good idea. Hopefully, it’ll get easier to just check it out monthly or maybe every other week or something.

One thing that I finally came to terms with was that I need to monitor my calorie intake and do, at least, a little planning. I have avoided Weight Watchers because I don’t want to count points and weigh and measure everything. But listening to the JM podcasts over the last week, she’s convinced me to count calories…at least for a while.

The thing I like about it is that I feel like I have some control. I feel like, this is something I can do and see real results with. I have been spending, maybe 10 minutes in the evening planning out my next day’s meals…basically, I bought one of those tiny pocket notebooks and just write out what I’m going to eat along with the calorie count.

I also got a little calorie counting book that makes it easy to count calories if I go out to lunch or dinner on the weekends (as we are wont to do!).

I also feel really good about my walks. It’s been going really well and I have only missed my walk 3 times. I’ve gone from couch to 4 miles a day. The walks are still pretty tough for me, so I haven’t increased the mileage again. And the problem with this is that I don’t feel like I’ve got enough training under my belt to go through with the Pig. As much as I don’t want to feel like I’ve wasted the $75 registration fee, more than that, I really don’t want to jeopardize my progress by bringing back the plantar fasciitis I got from doing the half marathon in 2007. Right now my walks feel good and my feet are really on sore on the weekends after my long walk and working around the house or running errands all day (re: being on my feet all day).

So I have pretty much decided not to do it and have shifted focus to another half marathon that’s in Columbus at the end of August. I should be up to 7 or more miles a day and more ready to do a half by then. And, I think, it will help me to maintain my motivation.

I feel like the little engine that could…I am at the stage where “I think I can, I think I can…” and reaching for knowing that I can…