>One of my excuses for not exercising used to be, “It’s raining, can’t go for a walk today.” That was also used if it looked like rain or the humidity was very high. It also morphed into, “It’s too hot out” and “It’s too cold out.”

Since I started walking again at the beginning of April…you know, rainy season…and it has rained…but, for some reason, it has miraculously cleared up enough for me to go for my walks every single time.

All week, they have been predicting rain for today…for the whole weekend actually. And here in Cincinnati, this is the big weekend…it’s the Flying Pig weekend.

Now, I realize, in my last post, I said I had decided not to do the Half Marathon. I didn’t change my mind on that. I was pretty sure I didn’t want to hurt myself since I felt like I hadn’t trained enough to walk 13 miles this weekend (I’ve only been back to walking for 4 weeks). What I didn’t think of until yesterday was that I could switch races.

About 10am yesterday I thought, “Oh…wonder if I could do the 10k on Saturday? Wonder if they would let me switch from the Half to the 10k?” I’d planned to go pick up my racing packet anyway, so thought I would find out if I could do that and if I could, then I would be walking a 10k this morning.

They did. I did.

Oh and the predicted rain? Completely and totally bypassed us. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL perfect day for walking 6.2 miles. Could it be that the weather spirits are trying to tell me something? ;>

And since I had worked up from being a complete couch potato to walking an average of 20 miles a week…walking 6 miles (well, 7 if you count walking from and to the car!! seriously, they gotta get a better system going for picking up the racers!) wasn’t easy…but I did it. I just kept pick ’em up and putting ’em down…all the while listening to my iPod and walking tall.

Here’s a couple of pix…not the greatest of me but I’ll get there! One is during the race and that hill was KILLING me…it was just before the 5th mile. The other one is after the race…