>A year ago today, we held our commitment ceremony but we celebrated last night by going out to a fabulous dinner. Now, let me preface this by saying…I’d done the 10k that morning so I figure I probably burned somewhere in the neighborhood of at least 400 calories (though I just ran it through a calorie calculator and it says 815!).

I had a really good and healthy breakfast (two organic boiled eggs, 1 piece whole wheat Ezekel bread, and a small organic banana) and a healthy lunch (mixed field greens with grilled chicken and orange tofu vinegrette).

Sooo…for our special dinner, I decided to be mindful but not calorie restrictive. I had two small glasses of very good champagne before we left the house. At the restaurant, we ordered a bottle of excellent Sancerre.

We had two appetizers: a shrimp cocktail with giant shrimp (I had two pieces) and a 1/2 dozen fresh oysters with just a bit of cocktail and horseradish sauce. We split a romaine salad with tomato and pine nut vinegrette. For the entree, I ordered the grilled wild caught halibut in lemon butter and served with lightly sauteed fresh asparagus and a few roasted red potatoes.

And then dessert…CAKE! It was a slice of lemon poppyseed cake with strawberry cream frosting. We split the piece and each had a few bites.

I wanted to celebrate without falling entirely off the wagon. I don’t want to be consumed by dieting…and I don’t want to feel like I have to be on a strict diet for a special occasion such as our first anniversary. I think I did pretty good. I guess I could have asked for the fish without the lemon butter sauce. And I probably could have not drank 2 glasses of champagne and 2 glasses of wine. I could have skipped the cake or just had one or two bites instead of 4 bites. But, again…I don’t feel like I went completely overboard. I feel like I made some pretty wise choices (especially considering the menu!).

So today, I’m going to be careful about letting last night derail me. There’s no reason to not pick right back up. So this morning I am back to counting calories and writing it all in my little notebook. Healthy breakfast? Check! Getting ready to go for my walk? Check! And I will have a healthy lunch and dinner…