>Though it was a short vacation…a meditation retreat of sorts…there was abundant vegetarian food and some high fat treats (chocolate cake and ice cream! Kettle salt and pepper potato chips!)…I am happy to report, I still ended up losing a few pounds.

I have officially left the 190s.

I was worried that I’d gained some back because I did NOT count calories while I was at the retreat and even had a couple bites of ice cream and cake and a few handfuls of potato chips through out the weekend.

I only exercised once. One morning I got up and went on a walk that was a little over 3 miles. But other than that, I really didn’t have the time. We were pretty busy from day 1 through day 4.

I did try to eat consciously. For example…on the night that we had ice cream and cookies…I ended up with a dish of ice cream and two cookies (the organic version of Oreos). Well, I took two bites of the ice cream, ate two cookies and tossed the rest. On the night we had cake, I had two bites of ice cream and a small sliver of the cake and no more. When I had the chips, I made sure not to sit and eat out of the bag…I just put a few on a napkin and sat there and ate them consciously.

So this morning I thought that I needed to go ahead and assess the damage. I got on the scale and was surprised to see 189.

This is great! It means that I can go on a weekend and not be so obssessed that I can’t have a good time.