>It has been slow going. It’s taken me 19 days to lose 3 pounds. That’s about a pound a week. It is so frustrating to be counting calories and trying to plan to make sure I don’t go over my allotted amount per day…and to be exercising like I should and not see the scale budge much.

On the other hand, I’ve lost 3 pounds rather than gained 3. So at least there is some movement, however small, towards the other end of the scale.

I think it is all part of my struggle. I keep telling myself that it is worth it…that I am not in a diet race or on a diet show…that changing my life is hard and will be painful at times.

I’ve been on the wagon now for 31 days and I’ve lost 10 pounds. Perhaps, in another 31 days, I’ll have lost another 10 pounds.