>”What have you done, today, to make you feel proud?”
~Theme song by Heather Small

The Biggest Loser (TBL) starts again next week. I have not missed an episode of this show since it started a couple of years ago. Sad, but true. ;>

To be honest, though, I have to say that I can be fairly snarky when it come to the show. But I also find some motivation in it as well. I mean, yes, I’m fully aware that the contestants take off work for 3 months…leave their families…their lives…behind while they go to “the BL ranch” to work out and eat healthy and be motivated by being on TV and working with others who are in the same boat. So, really, who couldn’t meet their weight loss goals in circumstances such as that??? (The contestants get on my nerves when they say, “If I can do it, anyone can do it!” because…shut up! You’re at an adult fat camp….of course you can do it!)

But. I do watch it and do find some motivation in the show. I adore Jillian and I can usually pick up a new kind of exercise here and there. But what really motivates me is watching these contestants change right before my eyes. It makes what I’m trying to do more concrete.

What I’d like to do this season is to have my own little Biggest Loser Challenge. I’d like to set several goals to meet each week and set up challenges here that I will try here as well. There are 19 episodes scheduled and it might be interesting to see what I can do in 19 weeks.

I’m thinking that I could post a photo of myself each week (a la BL style…maybe not in a sports bra and biking shorts…but in my workout outfit…seriously, it’s too freaking cold here to wear that little clothing!).

I’ll post what I’ve lost at each weigh in every week with my goal being to lose 1-2 pounds a week. (Yeah, yeah, I know it’s not BL weight loss but I want to set reasonable goals that I can actually attain…you know, since I can’t actually set my burn to 5000 cals a day!).

I’ll have a workout goal each week and try to match at least one of the challenges they do for each episode. So, for example, I am pretty sure that the first episode of this season will find our challengers walking 1 mile. So I’ll measure out a mile in my neighborhood and try to run it. (I’ve been working out for a few months so I know I can walk it as I usually walk 3 miles at each workout…but I haven’t run that far yet, so I’ll make that my challenge). If they do an obstacle course, then I’ll set up a challenge for myself like that…and so on.

I’ll post a short recap of the episode each week along with my own results…so watch this space!

Want to join me? I don’t have $250k to give away but I could give away a percentage of that…$25. Of course, then you’d have to send me your weight each week and send a photo of yourself as well. And, it would be an honor system…but since the prize would only be a fraction of TBL prize, I trust you. Besides that…the real prize will be losing 19-40 pounds and changing your life!