>So we start with 4 minutes of previews…Sheesh. Seriously. Get on with it, already!

It’s the fattest season ever…and I’m going to say right up front, I am seriously beginning to have a problem with this show. I’m starting to feel like I’m watching TLC’s Brookhaven Obesity Clinic. I fully expect that we will be watching the BL producers using a crane to transport next season’s contestants to the ranch. I wish, for just one season, they’d make all the contestants have a more realistic amount of weight to lose. You know? Like 60 pounds. Yeah, I know it’s not as dramatic but I think more folks could relate. Though everyone would probably bitch about how boring it is. ;>

So, first challenge…26.2 miles on a bike. Damnit…totally called that one wrong. Thanks show! Guess what I’ll be doing at the gym tonight? However, notice…each TEAM had to ride 26.2 miles…so since I’m a team of 1, I’ll be riding 13.1 miles tonight. Gad. I hate the bike!

So the Blue and Yellow Teams lost the challenge and were kicked off.

And it’s all sad and stuff…there’s crying in the limo but then we see some really cute legs…you just know it’s Bob and Jill…and they both jump out in front of a limo and yell, “Stop” and then run around and open the doors. Bob for the Blue Team and Jillian for the Yellow Team. They have 30 days at home (and Bob and Jillian will come train them) and then will come back to the ranch to weigh in against each other.

Then there’s killing them with the workouts…and suddenly we are at weigh in. Most of the guys lost 24-34 pounds. In a week, folks! Damn and Wow. So it comes down to the “half ton twins” and the gang sends home the one with the bum leg. He’s got a pool. And it must have worked for him because in the “where they are now” segment, he’d down 100 pounds in 2 months (2 months!!!! Sheesh! It’s taken me 12 months to lose 15 pounds).

Speaking of…so as I said…I’ll post my weight loss for the week along with this BL recap. I weighed this morning and am happy to say that I’ve lost 2 pounds since my last weigh-in (Friday). I was going to post a photo but didn’t have time to take one this morning. I’ll get Cathy to take one of me tonight on my way to the gym and then will come back here and post it. And I’ll let you know how I did on the 13.1 mile bike ride. 🙂