>I went to the gym yesterday to ride 13.1 miles. My weekly challenge.

And it was going just fine…I mean, other than the fact that my booty was uncomfortable on that seat…I was tooling along just fine and had completed 6.3 miles in 20 mins…then I checked my calories burned. 108. Ack! I normally burn at least 200 cals in 20 mins. So I stopped and got on the treadmill. Sorry folks…but I don’t have a huge daily burn to hit like the BL contestants…so I really need to hit it in the time that I have. I didn’t realize that biking like that burned far less calories than being on the treadmill. Soooo…I jumped on the mill for another 25 mins so that I could at least make it to 350 cals. I wanted to bike 13.1 miles…and could have done it because, seriously, 6 miles was a breeze. But if I’d been on BL, I would have been one of those teams that was kicked off.

In addition to posting the results of my bike challenge…I also wanted to post a photo a week. Hopefully, next week, I’ll get it together and be able to post all of this in one post (sorry about the multiple posts on this subject!). I asked Cathy to snap a quick photo of me when I got back from the gym.