>What a week this has been! The good news? I did get to watch BL this week. The bad news…that’s about it. I was consummed with work! Actually, I take that back, I have been able to fit in my workouts…and am going to work out again this morning.

Sooo. The BL dish? Let’s see…they focused on the Purple team throughout the show so I was prepared for them to fall below the yellow line (or the White team!). The challenge this week was to walk across a balance beam that was placed over the width of a swimming pool…they had to carry beach balls across and the team who carried over 10 (??) balls first would win immunity. The Red Team won. Oh but there was drama. The Purple team Mom was worried because she had some medical condition that made her feet numb (something about being really overweight that made her feet numb! Ack!!!). And the White team Mom had a huge fear of water…this played out the first time that she was going to cross the beam…she freaked out…fell off the beam (I think she put one foot on it) and fell flat on her face…she was bleeding a lot…i think she smashed her nose and broke a finger. Sooo, the White team was disqualified (because White team Son went to hospital with Mom rather than to finish the challenge) and given a 2 pound penalty.

Since it was the second week…the losses weren’t that huge (but really, much better than what I normally lose in a week! So whatever show!). In the end, one of my favorites…the Purple Team Mom…cause, wow…she really needed to be there…and seemed like a really nice lady…she went home. Two months later she’d lost a total of 40+ pounds.

I have no idea how I’m going to replicate that challenge. I thought about just getting a board and walking across it carrying a ball…but honestly, that’s not really like the challenge because I imagine it would be quite different walking across a beam that’s suspended over water. I’ve actually always been quite good on a balance beam…so I don’t think it would be a challenge I couldn’t do. But I just don’t have access to a setup like that. Sooo…I need to think about this and come up with an activity that involves balance and movement. I was thinking…I have one of those exercise balls…perhaps I can find a kind of exercise that I could do on it (so that I’m incorporating balance)? Any ideas would be appreciated.

I am going to post this week’s photo today. Sorry it’s a few days late! Work has been a bear…and the stress and anxiety and depletion I’ve felt has been really hard to deal with this week. I’ll write more about that in a separate post. But watch this space for this week’s photo. I’m going to ask Cathy to take it after my workout so that I can post it here later.