>It has been really really hard for me to focus on my health goals this week. Just when I thought that I “had this”…you know? I thought…I can do this! I got this!…stress, STRESS, stops me right in my tracks.

I feel so stressed out and under so much pressure right now. And when this happens I tend to fall back, hard, on old coping behaviors.

What is the least I could do to take care of myself during this time of high stress? I could meditate…breathe!…work more closely with Nature! (calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean, calm blue ocean…). I could eat very simply and very healthy and take all my vitamins and drink lots of water. I could make an effort to be positive. (I think a positive attitude REALLY helps with weight loss…so must remember not to be so damn cynical all the time!). I could make time to laugh every day…one of those really long, gasping for breath, tears squeezing out of your eyes, laughing so hard that you’re about to pee your pants…do that every day and it’s got to be a huge stress relief, right?!

So I watched BL last night. And I thought…maybe I was getting ahead of myself by saying I’d match their challenge each week. Okay. The Balance Beam challenge of last week never worked out. And I honestly can’t say that I have the time or inclination to figure out how to match a challenge involving a 1000 feet of ribbon and a playground (Cincinnati is soggy and cold right now). I never did get Cathy to take my picture last week (did I mention that I’ve been buried with work? both on the timecard and off!).

But, it’s a new day.

So let’s dish about BL. So, wow! Lots of anger going on in that show. Bob and Jillian pissed off at Melissa (Red) for “lying” to them…playing the game and pretending like she isn’t. Migdalia pissed off, first at the outcome of the challenge…I mean, really, that’s where it started! And then shifting her focus to Jillian because Jillian told Migdalia that if she doesn’t watch it her daughter will end up just like her…just like Migdalia ended up just like Miggy. You follow? ;> And now Lance is pissed at Jillian and Bob for calling Melissa “a liar on national television!” OH and Michael pissed at the Grey team for calling him out at the weigh in and the Grey Team annoyed with Michael because he’s lazy. Did I miss anyone? Whew!

The bright spots? I’m liking the Grey Team more…they seem sweet at heart. I like the Pink Team ladies more. I miss knowing anything at all about the Orange Team (come on show!). I like that Purple girl. I was happy for Pink doing so well at the weigh in.

So a new week too. Another week to get it right. So this week…with the stress increasing…this week I’m going to make the following goals:
~meditate 3x
~treadmill 5x
~yoga 2x
~drink 100oz water daily
~eat 5 veggies a day
~take my supplements daily

I think that I can do that. I think that doing that will set me up to feel better for the week that I’ll be in New Orleans (work! not fun).

Would love to hear from anyone reading this…how do you get through times of stress?