I wanted to start this post with a quote but my copy and paste function is not working. I don’t really want to come here and rant about all the reasons I’m stressed out. I don’t want to lament why I can’t seem to pull myself out of this depression. I don’t want to do all those things I’ve done in the past to try and justify my failure, yet again, to stay on the path of a healthy lifestyle.

I just want to get back on that path.

It’s like I don’t know how. But what is there to know, really? Just get back to it. Just do it. The pain of not doing it is much worse than the cure.

Are you having a helluva time too? Let’s just change our thinking today. Just for today, let’s act as if…as if we are already at our goal. What would my healthier self do? That’s something I’ve never done…so I’ll give it a shot. Today, I work from the perspective, “What would my healthier self do?”