>I guess it happens to all of us…at least once in a lifetime…you think you are on one path and then, suddenly, you find yourself on another.

Since January, I feel like I have lived through a lot of sadness and fear and stress. Going through that time showed me who my friends were…who really cared about me. It showed me where I give away my power and potential and why I do that. It showed me that we are, all of us, fragile and hanging on to this precious life by a simple thread. And that there’s no time, when the time comes, to say all that you need to…to give all the love you have to give. It’s been a heartbreaking illumination. One thing that I am absolutely sure about…it is time to free myself from limiting and destructive energies.

Next week, I travel to the Sea of Cortez. While there, I will spend some time at the shore…that in between place…a threshold…a place that holds promise. I will stand there and take out a little parchment paper coracle, one on which I’ve written about all the things and situations that have stuck to me through the years…things that I wish to let go of…situations that I wish to transform…and I’ll place that little boat in the water and watch until it has sailed past the Ninth Wave and into the setting sun.

Today marks a time when I set out on a new path…the way is clear.