>Oprah says she’ll never diet again. She’s working with Geneen Roth now. Nothing against Roth…but she’s made a very good living from all her diet books. I recognize that path though…understand what Oprah is saying…and, as someone who has been there, done that, recognize that Oprah is still on a quest to get her eating under control.

The thing is…and we probably all know this…it can’t just be about the physical. Most diets focus on the physical…eat this, not that…do this exercise…don’t worry about motivation…it’s got to be a habit, like brushing your teeth. But, I think, to end the battle of the bulge forever, it’s got to start with the mind…with motivation.

It truly is about changing your mind to change your life.

First step…develop a positive attitude. Even if you’ve been on a million diets before. THIS time it is going to work.

Next, define your goal. What is it? Why do you want to do this? Where do you want to go?

Now you need to make a plan…a roadmap. Don’t forget to add any detours or pit stops that you may make along the way. If you plan for these things, then it will be easier to get back on the road.

Figure out what has stopped you in the past…was it fear? Sometimes, it comes down to this. What are you afraid of? Maybe it’s more comfortable to be stuck in that rut. I used to joke that I’d made my rut quite comfortable…put up curtains, added a tv and sofa…

This is the tricky part, right?

What is my fear? I don’t know. I mean, the first thing that comes to mind is, “what if I’m not happy when I reach my goal?” “What if the things I settle for when I’m carrying an extra 50 pounds don’t make me happy when I’m in shape?” (that was weird to type!) Hmmm…this is something I’m going to need to ponder for a little bit.

My challenge this week is to bring my mind into this process. For the past few months, I have been so caught up in the stress of so many situations, that I’ve been last on my priority list. I’ve been really sad and depressed. I went to the doctor about it. I reached out to friends and family about it. To be honest, most of the time, I didn’t feel heard. I mean, people were all, “we love you…so sorry…you’ll be okay” but the stressors were still there. My focus was still on everybody else. The only time that I have truly had to myself…when there was no one around asking me for something…has been in the mornings before I go to work (if I don’t check my email while I’m having my coffee!). Now it’s time to refocus and re-evaluate.