>Did I tell you I was going camping over the weekend? I did and other than drinking copious amounts of those cold Starbucks coffee drinks (I had 3 in 24 hours) and eating about 10 fire roasted marshmallows…I did fairly good with my eating. I feel okay about it because I think I got in a good amount of activity…just carrying my stuff to and from the car/campsite was a workout in itself.

This is going to be a long week. Both of my bosses are in town (not that I have short weeks when they aren’t!). We have a lot of meetings and lots of stuff to cram into the week before they leave. On Wednesday, the three of us are going to dinner. I’ve picked out one of my favorite restaurants, Nicola’s. It’s upscale Italian. So I am thinking fish and red sauce should give me the most bang for my caloric buck.

Last night I made a spicy vegetarian curry that made me feel almost virtuous in the eating of it. It was delicious. I will change up the recipe a little bit next time…I’d like to add a bit more spice and try it with red lentils.

I am feeling the need for an activity goal today…so when I get home tonight I’m either going to practice the yoga sequence Yoga Tiffany gave me during our last yoga class or I’m going to get on the treadmill for 45 mins.

It looks like it’s going to be beautiful in my neck of the woods over the next few days…hoping the weather holds out through the weekend as I’d like to get in some golf!

Next weigh in is Friday. I’m trying not to be emotionally invested in that goal…