>Sigh. I weighed on Wednesday and was at 188.8. Weighed yesterday and was at 190.8. Who knows? I’m feeling a bit bloated so wasn’t real excited about stepping on the scale this morning. And I’m not real thrilled about the outcome but I need to let that go and keep moving forward.

My post about letting go of expectations and being “results” oriented is coming back to haunt me right now. So, okay, I’m down .2 of a pound. I shall celebrate that. Even if I am bloated, I’m still .2 a pound lighter than last week. And, I have to say, I am feeling fine about my journey so far.

I’m constantly busy with work and usually only have a couple of hours to myself everyday before I have to reset and start all over again. What I’d really like to do is figure out a way to get more activity into my day to day life.

Yesterday I was so busy that I didn’t even get to eat breakfast. Didn’t have anything in the house to make breakfast and lunch to take to work with me. I did have a box of TLC chewy granola bars in the cupboard, so I grabbed one of those for my breakfast as I rushed out the door. By the time I had a chance to catch my breath, though, it was 11:30 and, I figured, too late to eat that. Around 12:30 I ran up to the Kroger near my office and got a big salad and a piece of roasted turkey from the deli. I bought a bottle of low cal balsamic dressing and that is what I had for lunch. When I got home I found out there was a change in dinner plans…my partner had intended to make dinner but something came up so we went over to the neighborhood restaurant, Becalls, where I got a big salad (minus the cheese and crutons…leaving only lettuce, red cabbage, onions, and tomatoes) topped with strips of blackened chicken. I also got a small cup of potato leek soup. I did snag more than a few sweet potato fries off Cathy’s plate. But that was it. Nothing really insane and all told, I’d be willing to bet not much more than 1200 cals for the day.

Wednesday, I did pretty well with berries and yogurt for breakfast, a turkey sandwich (Ezekeal Bread, mustard, roast turkey, lettuce and onion) for lunch, and a TLC chewy granola bar for a snack. BUT, I did go to dinner with my bosses…and…well, that was probably this week’s down fall. I ate 3 small (silver dollar sized) pieces of flat bread, got the fava bean appetizer (freash fava beans with minced cheese and olive oil) and the asparagus and goat cheese ravioli entree. Not horrible choices but lots of olive oil and salt and cheese in that dinner and is probably what is contributing to my bloating today.

BUT, I can refocus because I could wake up tomorrow and step on the scale and see 188.8 again.

All and all, I think it was a good week. Moving on…