>Based on my actions (i.e., what I do on a daily and weekly basis):

  1. Work – my career
  2. Watching TV and Reading (Entertainment)
  3. Cleaning the house and yard projects
  4. My relationship with my partner
  5. Shopping for and preparing good, organic meals
  6. Drinking wine
  7. Pets – The Kitten, Riley (still missing Hero, cried about her just yesterday)
  8. My Spiritual path

Where I would prefer my priorities be:

  1. My career
  2. My relationship with my partner, family, friends
  3. My health – eating well, exercising
  4. My spiritual path
  5. Active Lifestyle – Yoga, Bikes, Walking
  6. Pets – Kitten & Riley
  7. The house and yard
  8. Entertainment – Books, Movies, Music
  9. My retirement – getting my “affairs” in order

I know that neither list reaches 10. From where I sit, they both seem fairly exhaustive and they seem similar but they are not quite the same.

So…how to get from list a to list b? I’m just going to make a guess…(cause I tried googling “how to reset my priorities” but came up with nada)…I think it would help to keep that second list in a few places where I can see it and have a reminder of what my priorities are. Maybe it would be helpful to send myself little reminders on Outlook and to put up some post its (like a sticky on the remote that says, “Watching TV didn’t make your priorities list.”).

Do you have any ideas on this? I’d be interested in hearing what you think…