>I’m so excited about a yoga place that is relatively near me. This is the place that Yoga Tiffany is associated with (Yoga Tiffany is my teacher who comes to my house the 3rd Sunday each month to teach me yoga).

I was looking around for a Tai Chi class for my partner and came upon their website. I love it. And I’m so excited about going over and taking a class. I really wanted to go yesterday but ended up working until 6pm so I missed the class but I am going tomorrow. I’m leaving the office at 4:30 so that I can make it there in time to change and sign in.

This also falls right in line with my priorities…something to feel good about.

Two more days to weigh in. I’m hoping I’ll see some progress on the scale but if not, it’s all good. I’m doing other things to change my life!

World Peace Yoga