>On the one hand…yay! 1.6 pounds gone.

On the other hand…are you kidding me??? I’ve lost less than 2 pounds in the past two weeks and I have been pretty vigilant. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed.

Good thing I posted that article yesterday about Self-Sabotage. So what was it? What did it say? Don’t focus on the wrong things. At the end of 3 weeks I’ve lost about 5 pounds…which, actually, is pretty good. I need to celebrate the overall effort I’ve given over the past 3 weeks. I’ve eaten healthier. I’ve gotten in some activity (started hitting the treadmill). I’ve found a place where I want to take a yoga class a couple times a month (now, to get there!).

I need to be proud of these small wins! And actually, 1.6 pounds is a big “small win”! If I lost 1.6 pounds a week, I would be at my goal weight in 6 months (by the New Year!). Sooo…actually, this is great news. A new me in the New Year? Sounds good.

Okay, switching gears just a little…so here’s how this battle of the bulge weighs on me…I can’t even be excited about my birthday weekend because I’m afraid that it will knock me off track. I’m so back and forth about this it’s ridiculous. Here’s the thing…I love good food…the perfect bite…the perfect pairing…sitting at a nice restaurant with good company and eating spectularly prepared food and sipping an amazing wine is one of my favorite things to do. And, since it’s my birthday weekend, I get to do that! Cathy is cooking me dinner tonight (she cooks several dishes that I love so she’s going to surprise me), and we are going to breakfast tomorrow, and dinner tomorrow night (surprise restaurant!) and then there’s birthday cake. (cue music – dun, dun, duuuuunnnnnnn!). CAKE!

Oh yeah, and champange!

If you know me at all, then you know that Cake and Champange make up two of my favorite food groups.

So my fear? How do I balance this special weekend so that I don’t actually gain the 5 pounds it’s taken me 3 weeks to lose?

If you’d just asked me that question, I would answer like this: Enjoy the weekend! Do NOT worry about gaining weight. This weekend is just like life. There will always be great restuarants and great bottles of wine. There will always be time for cake and champagne. So go out to that special restaurant and make good choices (get the clean protein and veggies). Have a piece of cake, but make it a small slice and not a big fat wedge. Get in some exercise…you should still get on the treadmill a couple times and you’ll be taking yoga with Yoga Tiffany on Sunday. Relax, have fun, be positive!

Most of all, it seems, I need to stay positive!