>Almost made it through! ;>

As I said on Friday, there will always be cake, there will always be good restaurants and good bottles of wine…

So, yes, I think I’ve gotten through the weekend without gaining weight! AND with the added benefit of having really enjoyed myself. Amazing Friday with my partner, lovely dinner at Honey on Saturday with my partner and a good friend (the 3 of us laughed, drank champagne martinis and really enjoyed ourselves), surprise Sunday brunch with another good friend (OMG. Greenup Cafe has the best pancakes ever!).

Was home in time to straighten up, at least the living room, where we would be doing yoga…and had an awesome yoga session with Yoga Tiffany (hey, y’all…if you’re in the hood and want her to teach you yoga, let me know…she is really wonderful!). During the hour of yoga, I really thought about re-birthing myself…as a woman who cares for herself with daily exercise and meditation. I saw myself as an old woman who is so fit that she practices yoga on a daily basis without pain or being tired.

After yoga, I put on my running shoes and went down into the basement to get a treadmill workout. I got in a little over two miles and got a good sweat worked up.

Lunch was my first piece of birthday cake. I didn’t go crazy and cut myself a 1/4 of the cake. It was just a normal slice…served with a small glass of fresh, local skim milk.

Since then, I’ve hung out…just took it easy!

Cathy is cooking me dinner tonight…spaghetti (one of my favorites)…love her spaghetti. Will try for moderation on this because (say it with me!) there will always be more spaghetti. 😀

Tomorrow starts another week at work…another mad dash to Friday. I would love to make some time to go to one of those yoga classes at World Peace Yoga. I’m afraid Monday and Tuesday are out…but could go on Wednesday or Thursday night.

My fitness goals this week are…drink lots of water, eat healthy and clean, and get in 10 miles on the treadmill before my next weigh in! Oh, and get to one yoga class at WPY!