>I have to keep this update fairly short as I need to hop in the shower in about 5 mins. These past two weeks have been crazy. Most of the time I have been working from the minute I wake up until minutes before I go to bed. But after today, two events that I’d been planning for months will be off my plate. One more set for early August and then, I hope, things will slow down a little bit. It’s no wonder that I haven’t been able to get to a yoga class. And no wonder that I’m having a hard time losing big numbers each week. I’m trying not to be so hard on myself and to look at the big picture.

I completely lost track of time on Friday and forgot to weigh in until it was too late (e.g. it was Saturday!) so I decided not to worry about it and to remember that I am not attached to the outcome so much as the process of getting back to and maintaining good health. I don’t expect that I would have lost anything at all since I spent most of last week in a downtown hotel…

This past weekend, though, Cathy and I ate healthy and got in some good physical activity! Ripping up the carpet in the living room actually was a workout. 😀

Ordered Cathy some Tai Chi DVDs from Amazon over the weekend. She is wanting to take up a form of moving meditation/stretching and thought that Tai Chi would fit the bill rather nicely. Since I am thinking that I’d like to set up a nice space in our home gym for yoga (and for Cathy to do Tai Chi) we decided to put our elliptical on Craig’s List. I don’t use and the treadmill really is my first choice…Cathy doesn’t use it either, so though it is a nice one, it’s just taking up space that we could use. Hoping that someone wants a good deal on an elliptical this week! Keep your fingers crossed.

Hoping to make it to one yoga class this week…or to get on the mat at my house…I do know that Yoga Tiffany is coming over on Sunday, so I am looking forward to that!

Hope you are having a good week…