>The best yoga class I’ve taken (outside of my classes with Yoga Tiffany) at any yoga studio in Cincinnati. Loved it. It was challenging but not exhausting. Incorporated chanting and plenty of resting/rejuvenating postures but also enough activity that I was sweating and breathing hard through a bit of it. Can’t wait for next Monday.

And then there was the World Peace Diet Study Group…the food was very very good. It’s basically a pot luck….everyone brings vegan dishes (or you can just pay $9) for dinner. And then we went around the table and introduced ourselves. Lots of very young people in the group…I was, probably, one of the oldest. But a warm sense of community and welcoming…so that was great. And then we watched the video I posted below (don’t worry, it’s not gross…or sad or anything…I would encourage you to give it a quick watch).

The thing that struck me about the video…the amount of water that we would save by being vegan just a couple days a week.

Really interesting!