>I did not get a chance to weigh this morning. I am on my second day off…and slept in…didn’t get out of bed until 7:30. I stumbled down the stairs and found that Cathy was already up and had coffee made. Had a couple of cups in between picking up stuff because we were having two people come over today to help with our “honey do” list.

As I type this, we are getting a new front door. Cathy and I found a beautiful door at our local reuse center (do you know about reuse centers? they are awesome for picking up stuff to fix up your house…check out the link above to see what Building Value is all about). The door is solid oak with beautiful cut glass panes. We paid $100 for it…this door brand new would have cost, easily, $750. Our handyman is installing it right now. (Pix to follow).

And, we have a new cleaning lady. Not that we’ve had one before but Cathy met her through our neighbors. She is very reasonable so we thought it would be a big help to us to have her come in at least once a month. She’s still in the kitchen…been there almost 3 hours. YIKES!! (It was a hot mess…but I want her to get to the bathroom too and we only have her for 5 hours).

So all this to say, I wasn’t able to get down to the scale before they got here. I’ll weigh in tomorrow.

This week I have been practicing more yoga and meditation. Yoga Tiffany came on Sunday and then I went to another class at World Peace Yoga yesterday. I plan to go back on Sunday and then again on Monday. (Monday is World Peace Yoga and the companion study group).

One thing that bugs me about yoga is that it’s hard to find yoga clothes for plus sized women. Seriously. Most of the yoga clothes makers only go up to a size 12. I did a little search online though and foundout that Danskin makes stuff for plus sized women. I usually don’t have a problem finding yoga pants, but finding tank tops that fit without gaping at the bust (so that I’m showing the whole class my DDs). Ran over to pick up some tank tops today and got them for $3-$5 a piece! A great deal and they fit great. I wish they were a little longer to come down to my hips but at least they will fit me and keep my girls covered and still allow me to move with bagging the way a t-shirt does.

Something fun…you know the new Karate Kid came out. Well, I watched those movies when I was a teen and loved them. So I wanted to see the new one…I guess for nostalgia reasons but wanted to watch the old ones first. Couldn’t find them for rent so I looked on amazon and saw the whole set (4) used for $20. Ordered them and they arrived today. Oh and Cathy has never seen any of them…guess it’ll be a Karate Kid weekend. Yes, I am a dork. But even though they are pretty corny, I love the message in them.

Another movie I want to see is Eat, Pray, Love. I really loved the book…read it a few times and bought a bunch of copies to give to friends. I think the movie comes out next weekend so I’m hoping to go see it then.

I’m so glad to have this time off. I have been lacking in balance for a long time and trying to get back in balance is something that I need. I think resting, taking yoga classes, going to the movies, having fun…I think those things will help me get there.