>I am going to World Peace Yoga today for Yin Restorative Yoga and tomorrow for the World Peace Yoga class and companion study group. I am actively in pursuit of balance…I’d go see Eat, Pray, Love if I had the time. (We decided we would do that next weekend!).

Tonight I’m making Vegan Dahl for the WPY potluck tomorrow night. Will take some jasmine rice to accompany the dish but no creme fraiche (dairy). Guess I could do a dallop of soy yogurt but I am not a fan of things soy (it can be a hormone disruptor for women).

I am steeling myself to read the World Peace Diet book (first three chapters)…I have had a couple of friends ask me, “…if it’s so gruesome, why read it, …why do this to yourself?” Why, indeed? I don’t know. I guess there’s some part of me that is always trying to get healthier…and though I am certainly struggling with taking off the extra weight…it doesn’t prevent me from constantly trying to be healthier. I do believe that a mainly vegetarian diet is the best diet for humans.

But, also, I am very interested in practing compassion and kindness and to do so means that I need to start looking at how what I eat is the antithesis of compassion. I want to be more positive and eat in a positive manner …to do so, I probably need to do as Michael Pollen suggests, and eat mostly plants.

So I want to explore, or at least become aware of, the alternatives out there. For the record, the vegan lifestyle is probably not for me. I think there’s probably too much denial in it for me to be comfortable with. (By the way, I am aware of how self-indulgent and privileged I sound here…nice that I can make these choices when so many people are suffering from hunger). And, let me note, for full disclosure, I’m not even close to being vegetarian…I had flank steak last night, for crying out loud (yes it was local and organic but that’s not the point is it?).

More on this later…