>On the last day of the anti-bloat diet. Did I say it’s just a jumpstart? There’s actually another “phase” that last 28 days. It’s a bit easier, I guess…basically, instead of 3 300 calorie meals with one 300 calorie snack, there’s 3 400 calorie meals with one 400 calorie snack.

I think, taking a yoga class every day I was on the jumpstartwas very helpful. It kept me focus and on track. There isn’t a class, tonight, that I’m interested in and I have plans to make dinner for a friend, so I’ll be “off” tonight. That kind of makes me nervous because I am generally the kind of person who sticks to an “exercise” program by momentum. If I get thrown off, then it’s harder for me to get started again. However, I am planning to go to another yoga class tomorrow and then again on Sunday.

I thought I could come home today and get on the treadmill to keep that momentum going. Or I could practice yoga myself. With the next 28 day phase definitely recommends 30 mins of walking a day and a weight training session each day as well. So that’s something I’m going to have to plan for.

Another update tomorrow!