>I ended up taking a couple of days to settle after the jumpstart…suggested by the program. But still, stuck with it fairly closely. Though on Friday and Saturday nights I did have 2 glasses of wine. And Saturday morning, I had 2 cups of coffee. (I’m having 2 cups this morning too!). And when I weighed yesterday morning, I had lost another pound. This has been kind of awesome because nothing bloats like that TOM and that TOM arrived last Wednesday. To get through that without gaining 5 pounds of water was very nice.

So, this morning I begin the 28 day phase…

I am encouraged to keep a journal for this phase so I wanted to share a bit of that here (and will do so over the next 27 days as well):

Write down at least three reasons why you have chosen to go on this diet. Describe how you feel about the 28 days ahead and what you expect from yourself.

Three reasons…1) I don’t like how I look in clothes, 2) I feel better when I’m carrying less weight, 3) I want to do something for myself that I know will make a big difference in my quality of life.

I am somewhat nervous about the next 28 days…will I be able to do it? Will I stick with it? What is going to happen to derail me? But I’m also kind of excited about it because if I have as much success as I had on the 4 day, then I will lose about 10 pounds and be that much closer to my goal.

I expect that I will have good days and not so good days. I am going to think positive here and say that I totally believe in myself and anything that I’ve ever wanted to do, I have done. I have the tools at my disposal. I have shopping lists, meal plans, quick ‘grab & go’ ideas for when I have about 2 minutes to pack my breakfast and lunch and get out the door, I have motivation, I have determination, and I have a secret weapon. I have made the decision to purchase an unlimited pass for yoga for the month of September. This means, I’ll be able to take 4 classes a week (I could take more but there are 4 that I want to take).

There are two things that I’m nervous about…the exercise portion and vacation. The exercise portion consists of 6 days of workouts per week. Walking everyday for 30 minutes and weight training everyday as well. Which means that I will need to do these workouts every morning before work…which means, getting up at and getting to it early. Now, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue, if, ideally, I’m not drinking coffee on weekday mornings and drinking wine on weekday nights (because I should be sleeping better when I’m not having caffeine and alcohol on a daily basis)…which means, I should be able to get up earlier and not engage in my usual time killer of drinking a few cups of coffee while I check my email and watch the news. But I’m a little nervous about this piece of the ‘diet’ because I haven’t been very successful in the past few years of getting on a morning workout routine. However, positively speaking, I can do it! I have done it for short periods of time in the past two years, surely I can do it for a few weeks.

Hah. That was convoluted, I know…hope you were able to follow that “logic”…

I am most worried about vacation. Again, ideally, it should be a good, healthy vacation. We plan to be pretty active while there and we are staying in a cabin with a full kitchen so we are going to take our own food but getting out of my routine and missing yoga classes and the treadmill is going to be a problem for me. I mean, yeah, I can go for walks in the morning and could do some yoga on my own in the evenings…buuuuuut.

But. What is the alternative? Because I’m so nervous about screwing up when I go on vacation I don’t even start the 28 days??? There’s always going to be something that gets in the way of routine…I can’t live like a hermit until I lose weight. My life is not like the Biggest Loser where I can live sequestered on a ranch with a bunch of other people who are focused on losing weight. In my world, I’m the only one who cares about my weight and the only one who will keep me on track.

And so…day 1 begins. (Yoga tonight! Yay!).