>So I worked out yesterday morning. And I did fairly well all day despite the crappy breakfast smoothie I had. (Note to self: smoothies are not a good way for me to go because they don’t make me feel full and don’t sustain me through to lunch). I missed my yoga class! I was super bummed about that. Before I knew it, it was 5:20 and by the time I got my stuff packed and to the car it was 5:35…no way to get to WPY by 6pm and changed (I’d brought my yoga stuff). I gave it a shot but didn’t even get to the river until 6pm. So I went home.

The good news? I didn’t dive into a bottle of wine after such a long, intense day (yesterday would have been a 2 glass night). I was really hungry though and totally screwed up my dinner. I came home and just had crackers and cheese and olives. Not such a horrible thing but the cheese was brie instead of string and was enough to put me over my calories. Then I had a salad. But the topper was…I ate about 1/2 cup of Graters peach ice cream. Again, not exactly a binge but more than I should eat if I want to LOSE weight and not MAINTAIN.

Then, I fell asleep on the sofa while watching The Closer. I think I saw about 15 minutes of it. At about ten ’til 10, I said good night and went to bed. I slept through the night. So I guess I was tired. I woke up this morning at 6 and decided to have two cups of coffee before getting on the treadmill this morning. Today will be a better day. Though I may not make it to yoga because I will need to leave right at 4:15 and that’s going to be really hard to do since my boss is in town (when he’s here we tend to work really long hours).

Speaking of bosses…I am meeting the new “prospective” VP of Marketing today. I hope she’s nice…but really how can anyone tell anything about anybody in the span of a few minutes? Frankly, I doubt my ability to spot an asshole any longer. Most people can put a mask in place and hold it there for months before it slips. The good news is, she’s a friend of my boss…and he’s pretty awesome soooo I’m hoping she’s a lot like him.

Day 2 Anti-bloat Journal: List four things that will help you succeed on the diet. Now write about what you are going to do to ensure that you get each of the four things you need.

Oh boy…hmmmm. Four things that will help me succeed on the diet?

  1. Having a backup plan when things go unexpectedly.
  2. The support of my partner.
  3. Staying focused on my goals.
  4. Getting results.

What am I going to do to ensure that I get each of those four things? Okay, having a back up plan means that I need to plan for the times when everything doesn’t go as planned. Haha. Easier said than done, right? Well, what’s awesome is that I already have a few lists of food ideas for when I come home and am famished and don’t feel like cooking. I need to make copies of those and keep them handy in the kitchen. And when I miss a yoga class…I can go downstairs and either practice yoga with a DVD or simply plan to do just 2 relaxation postures like legs up the wall or something like that.

The support of my partner, I have. Cathy is really awesome about supporting me…she tells me I look good when I lose a pound or two (and she means it!) and she is usually pretty good about not bringing a lot of junk/trigger foods in the house when she knows that I am serious. And, to top it off, she is in healthy eating mode as well.

Staying focused on my goals…harder. When I am hungry and in a mood…focusing on my goals and caring about them is a fairly hard thing to do. What can I do? Maybe just stop and breathe through a 10 count and then remind myself of my goals…look better, feel better, be better. Oh? Is that my new mantra? Hmmm…I like it. Will have to keep that one in my back pocket!

And finally…nothing keeps me on track like seeing results. So I need to be sure to recognize all of the “non-scale” victories as well as how much weight I’m losing. Knowing that I’m making progress will help me stay on track and not chuck it all.

Okay…time to go workout.