>When I wrote yesterday morning, I was writing about Day 2 (Monday), so before I get too far behind, I want to catch up.

Yesterday was a fairly good day. I got in a workout on my treadmill in the morning before work. I was able to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner, despite the fact that I was so busy at work. Sadly, I did not make it out of the office in time to go to yoga…in fact, I didn’t even leave the office until well after 6pm. Got home and relaxed a little bit and then we had a fairly healthy dinner (grilled steak – 4oz each), organic yellow corn, organic broccoli, and a small salad. I went to bed on time and was able to sleep fairly well through the night.

This morning I got up, had 2 cups of coffee and then did my treadmill workout. Packed breakfast, lunch and a snack and then booked it out the door to the office. Was so insanely busy that I only got in part of my breakfast, did get in lunch but no snack. Didn’t leave the office until well past 6pm again.

As it turns out, the chicken I’d put in the fridge hadn’t defrosted, so we decided to have eggs and toast for dinner. I made 1/2 whole eggs and 1/2 egg whites scrambled, with some good whole wheat toast, and two turkey sausage links. I had a banana and less than half a cup of coconut milk ice cream for dessert.

Tomorrow I plan to do more of the same. I’m feeling pretty good and have added to my new mantra: look better, live better, feel better, be better!

By the way – the journal prompts for days 3 and 4:

Practice mindful eating. If you watch TV, check your e-mail, even read the newspaper during meals, you will be distracted from how much and how fast you’re eating. Have one meal today in total peace and quiet. Take your time, savor the taste and texture of the food and, eventually, the sensation of fullness. Be conscious of the emotions you feel while you eat. Write about the experience.

I did not do this on day 3. I usually eat breakfast and lunch at my desk while I’m working. I just don’t have time to sit there and eat and pay attention to my feelings. I don’t mean for this to come across as negatively as it sounds. So perhaps I need to take the time to just sit and feel. I mean, it’s what? 15-20 mins at most.

For dinner, we usually eat at the table. There was a month or so when we were eating on the sofa in front of the TV because we’d covered the dining room table with projects we were working on. But that got old real fast, so we moved everything so that we could get back to eating at the table. I prefer it…sitting on the sofa, eating dinner while watching TV doesn’t feel good to me. We are not talking to each other and it’s just uncomfortable to have to eat in that position. When we eat at the table, I feel more comfortable, the cat and dog don’t beg as much, we are focused on the meal and on each other…it’s a time for us to catch up. I like that!

Think of a meal that didn’t go well – maybe you overindulged or ate something you later wished you hadn’t. Imagine you could go back and “do over” that meal. Write about what you would do differently next time around.

So many meals that haven’t gone well, and so little time to write about them. But, I gotta say, I love a good “do over.” Ideally, for any meal that didn’t go well…I’d eat healther. Usually, when I feel bad about a meal, it’s because it is a lot of processed fake food. 🙂