>When I weighed yesterday…those extra pounds were gone.

When do you think I will learn not to pay too much attention to the numbers on the scale???

Yesterday was weird. I worked from home and was so busy that I didn’t get to breakfast until 11:30. I had a bowl of cereal with some raisins, banana, and almond milk. Then I didn’t have anything until 5:30…I hate those days, honestly. So when Cathy got home we went up to Marty’s and had a couple glasses of wine (first drink of the week!) and some artichoke bruschetta, tuna salad stuffed tomatoes, and a small cheese plate. When we got home, we had a cookie.

Another lesson for me…could barely keep my eyes open at 10pm…combine an intense work day with two glasses of wine means I am knocked out by 9:30pm.

Yesterday’s Diet Journal Prompt: Today, see if you can tell the difference between how it feels to eat when you’re hungry and how it feels to eat when you’re feeling stressed. Write about those reflections.

Yesterday, I ate when I was hungry. And it felt fine. I mean, I was really hungry when I had that bowl of soup. I was probably a little stressed too because I was working…but I think I was more hungry than stressed. Then when I went to Marty’s I was just plain hungry. It was good…I didn’t feel guilty about that meal. It was delicious and I ate it with gusto!

So glad to have a long weekend!!! And a short work week next week and the week after is our vacation.