>Yet another change at work. And I am a basket of anxiety, insecurity, and paranoia. I’ve been putting up with this for 3 years. I’m tired of it…really. This morning, I’m feeling pretty resentful.

My new boss started yesterday and she was grumpy at first and kind of weird. The back story? She’s the 3rd boss I’ve had in 6 months (not counting the guy that I report to above them). The first two told me, point blank, move into this office when I’m gone. I didn’t do it when the first one left because I was told that a new boss was coming within a week or so. And she did, and I really adored her. She was smart, kind, and took me under her wing. Then she left at the beginning of August and said move into that office…you need the privacy and it’s empty. So I did. And since I’ve been there, others have told me to stay put.

Then yesterday the new lady started. And the guy never said anything about giving her that office…even during our one on one on Friday. So, it became pretty obvious, pretty fast, that the new lady didn’t have a place to land…so I told her, look I’ll just move out to one of those cubes. No big deal. And she was all, NO WAY…I’ll address this with boss man. I’m like, “bleh.”

Anyway, all this translates into ANXIETY for me. Not to mention it’s TOM again so I know my hormones are magnifying everything. I should just get there early and move my stuff out.

I guess all of this seems pretty inconsequential to most people…I mean, really, who cares? Office politics are tricky…and this place always, always has something going on. I’m just so tired of it. I’m tired of working 10 hours a day. I’m tired of playing office politics. I’m tired of walking the tight rope.

When I was at Richards, the day they made me move out of my office and back into the general office space, was the day I started looking for a new job…