>I am depressed. This is mainly due to my work situation. What was going so well for the past 6 months has just gone all wrong. I dread it now. I know I need to reshape my attitude really fast…I just don’t know what to do. I wish the economy were in better shape right now. I’d love to find something else that is a better fit for me. I’m really so depressed and feel like everything that I have worked for over the past 6 months has been for nothing. I just feel awful.

I joined Curves today. Yeah, yeah, I know all about the CEO. I completely do not agree with his political or religious views. And, I get that by giving Curves my business, in a small way, I’m contributing to the success of this man. It’s his karma…

Frankly, I don’t care. I care more about me. I need to find a way to lose this extra weight. I have been struggling with this for too long. My body responds really well to exercise. I think I can get on a plan with this gym and stick with it until I lose this extra weight. It’s a 30 minute workout, three times a week. That’s 1500 calories a week. I plan to continue doing yoga three times a week. And, I plan to do cardio, in the mornings, 5 times a week. This should get me burning 3500 calories a week. If I can do that and restrict my calories to 1400 a day, then I should be losing about 2 pounds a week. Which means, I’d reach my goal in 5 months…beginning of March.

What do you think?