>Another year is almost gone and, it appears, that my inner Fat Girl has won again.

The Fat Girl is a master manipulator and is so quick to bring up reasons why my inner Fit Girl can’t work out or needs to eat that donut that day.

But, I gotta hand it to Fat Girl…she hasn’t sabotaged my career (just my health). I think she likes to use it as a big excuse…that’s why I’m often so tired and stressed out…too tired and stressed out to exercise, get to a yoga class, or even meditate.

But she didn’t count on this end of the year vacation. And how this might strengthen Fit Girl’s resolve to make a lasting change…once and for all.

So, tomorrow…I wake to start my day with Green Tea and organic fresh lemon juice. Then onto the treadmill. After treadmill, it’s a healthy breakfast of steel cut oats with organic raisins and pecans and a touch of honey.

Then I have to leave the house in time to make it to my early morning dental appointment (8am). I want to get in the workout and breakfast first because I know I’m not going to feel like doing it later.

When I get home, I will take a nap or just rest. Something that is ABSOLUTELY forbidden? No checking work email. In fact, maybe I should change the settings on my Blackberry so that I don’t get emails that way.

My goal, over vacation is to get into a routine where my health is a high priority for me. One that is not easily crossed off my ‘to do’ list because something else comes up or because the Fat Girl is tired or ‘hungry’ or ‘wants a treat’…

I want to workout on my treadmill, do yoga, and meditate daily. I want to eat healthy and enjoy my holiday without the stress of work.

Do you think I can do it? Who’s going to pull it out at the last minute: Fat Girl or Fit Girl???