>If you read what I wrote last night you might have caught it. I didn’t…not at first. But later I took my first bath in many many moons and while I was relaxing, it came to me…pretty ambitious morning before my root canal. I’d forgotten about the snow and that I’d need to clean off my car…which meant I’d need to get up at 5:30 to get everything done so that I could be at the dentist by 8:00am.

The Fat Girl does this…she will set me up so well so that I will immediately fail and then feel so bad that I just say, “Ef it! I’m eating cake!”

So what’s the best I can do this morning? Get up at 6:00am…put on the kettle for my hot green tea, dress up warm and go out to dig out my car, come in and have the tea and some oatmeal for a good breakfast…get a shower/dressed and make my way, carefully – the roads are icy this morning, to the dentist.

I will be sure to, at least, meditate today.

So how’s that? More realistic?