>Hope everyone had a good holiday!

Perfect time of the year to look back…for a weightloss blogger, this can be an enlightening experience.

Guess what? I didn’t lose a pound. Didn’t gain either. I have maintained…so I guess that’s better than gaining. If I felt better about myself then I probably wouldn’t care so much about the number on the scale.

I am persistent though.

Assessment is done and I know what I need to do:

  • Keep being persistent – consistency is key to making lasting change
  • Drink more water
  • Exercise, exercise, exercise
  • Yoga/Meditative movement
  • Take a multi-vitamin
  • Eat to be healthy
  • Work 8 hours a day and sleep 8 hours a day

The hardest thing, for me, is getting started. After forgetting to focus on myself for more than a year, my poor body feels so sluggish and, frankly, sick. This past year was really hard and stressful for me and it’s written all over my body.

From January to the end of February, I was so stressed out over the direction my job was going in. I got the new position in March, which launched a whole other set of stressors. At the same time, my Mom was going in for her second surgery, and poor Hero was going down fast. The thing that was so hard, was that I knew I had to let her go before my Mom’s surgery because I didn’t want her to die while I was in St. Louis. It was such a difficult and emotional time.

My best friend at work quit and moved on to another position. I was still worried about the job I was doing and was trying to adapt to a new supervisor (who I adored!). We were so busy doing so many things…I was working at least 50-60 hour work weeks.

Another part of my life came to an end in May. It’s such a private part of me that I really don’t want to dissect it here but suffice to say, I lost some people who I thought were dear to me…basically, I broke off friendships with a group of ladies who were toxic for me. It’s been a heartbreaking process but I don’t know how I could have done any differently.

Physically, I did what I have done over the past 6 years…I forgot to put myself first. I self-medicated with wine and cheese and bread and cake. I didn’t exercise because I felt so tired and depleted.

Along with the bad moments, there were good ones too…

  • I finally got that promotion that I’d been wanting since starting that job
  • We got a lot of stuff done on the house
  • I finally started a veggie garden
  • I started doing yoga on a more regular basis
  • I got out of a toxic relationship that was damaging to my self-esteem

So what do I want for me in the new year? It’s simple, I want to feel healthy. I want to have boundless energy. I want to put my health first. I want to progress in my career. I want to feel good when I wake up in the morning and I want to sleep soundly at night.

I don’t know how I’m going to do it. I know that I’ve been saying, for the past 6 years, that I’m going to make a lasting change…I know that I have failed over and over with this…but this time…this time…I am going to make some lasting change in my life in the coming year. All of the change I intend to manifest will be positive and contribute to my overall health. This is my wish for the New Year…