>There’s no way around it and the only thing that is going to make it better is to jump right in.

What would today look like if it were perfect?

Get up and have a cup of yogi detox tea. Pack breakfast and lunch (organic oatmeal with organic raisins and pecans, 2 hard boiled egg whites – lunch is amish chicken that I crock-potted all day yesterday, half of a small baked potato, salad). Fill water bottle. Get to work by 8:30. Work all day and feel fairly caught up (hahahahah! I’m really reaching here…it will take me all week to achieve this!). Come home, make a healthy dinner, short/easy walk on treadmill, in bed by 10pm.

That seems doable right?

There are no birthday cakes, new years’ eve champagne, christmas fudge – stuff that I can’t seem to say no to and tends to disrail me every freaking time.

Maybe I need to plan a snack between lunch and dinner (larabar?).

Mundane post, yes…this is just me, drawing a line in the sand.