>You know, I figured this out pretty early on in my life. When I was 18 I lived in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and worked for a health club, The Bodyworks, as a trainer. I was taught how to use the machines and what they were for, etc. Then members signed up to have me walk them through a workout. Basically, I changed the weights and counted reps. I stood around in a leotard and tights all day. I figured out pretty quickly that when I was open, happy and friendly, people were open, happy and friendly to me. It didn’t matter what I wore or how I looked (to a certain extent!), as much as it did matter how I felt.

Maintaining a positive attitude, I think, is absolutely crucial to staying on track. It is amazing to me how often I am not in a positive frame of mind…how often the depressed, tired, hopeless fat girl inside me has to speak her mind. It’s not pretty y’all. Some of the stuff she says is mean.

So how to keep a positive frame of mind? Maybe not watching the news would be a first step. That stuff is depressing.

I could have a few pat responses whenever a gross/negative thought arises…sort of in the “I’ll think about that tomorrow”/Scarlett O’hara vein.

I could get moving! Finishing a workout has been good because those positive feelings just rise and rise as I move closer to my goal.