>The last two weeks have been a whirlwind. My career stepped in and took over. If you know me at all, you know that I work long hours and have been working towards my company’s big sales meeting since last October. The week finally arrived (first week of February).

I continued working out during the first part of the week…even though, I don’t think, I had time to post results on Daily Mile. Then, about midweek, I hit my wall and just didn’t have time to continue with my workouts. I was waking up at about 4am and going until 11pm/midnight every day. I did continue to eat in as healthy a manner as I could and to watch portion sizes.

As an aside, I received a lot of very good feedback on the event. All the key stakeholders (CEO, SVPs, VPs, etc.) told me that it was a very successful event and that I did a great job and that they were pleased with everything. So, that was a relief. From my perspective, it was far from perfect but on the whole, I think I did a good job with it.

I flew home from Orlando last Saturday, had a few hours to spend with my partner, repack and was back at CVG bright and early the next morning. I arrived in Costa Rica by noon on Sunday. While there, I was active constantly…

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever visited. Of course, staying at the Four Seasons made it all the more beautiful. The hotel was gorgeous and the property just amazing. The Four Seasons is an Audubon refuge…incredible wildlife everywhere. I walked on the beach, played golf, hiked through the dry forest (it’s not a rainforest!), went swimming, did the zipline, and spent some time in the spa. I ate healthy and stayed active. (PS. This was a site planning visit…can’t wait to go back in May!).

I did not gain any weight in the two weeks I was gone. In fact, I think I lost a couple of pounds. I returned from Costa Rica even more committed to my weight loss plan. I want to be in better shape to do all the activities I want to do.

One thing I did…the zip line…offered me a lot of insight about my ability to reach a goal. So, the thing is…we did a little team building activity in Orlando that involved a small zip line. So at the end of the Orlando event, my CEO says to me that he’s interested in zip lining in Costa Rica. I took that to mean that I needed to check it out. When I arrived at the Four Seasons, I had the conceirge set up the canopy tour for me. I had a goal and was focused on it (do the zip line). I arrived at Witch’s Rock and they suited me up with the full body harness (such an attractive look on the fat girl!) and I began the hike to the first platform.

View from the 1st Platform

That should have been my first clue that this wasn’t going to be remotely like the zip line in Orlando. Witch’s Rock has 11 lines that covers over 2 miles of canopy. The first zip line was 82 yards high and 135 yards long. I stood on the platform and looked out and the full force of what I was about to do hit me. Holy shit! To say I was suddenly scared would be an understatement. I thought, “Oh crap, what have I gotten myself into? I forgot that I have a slight fear of heights…am I up to this? Can I do this?”
Lucky for me, my guides didn’t let me dwell on what I was about to do. One last review of the instructions (basically, hold on with this hand, let the other hand float around the cable, sit back, keep legs up) and GO!
I had a hard time braking…I needed more upper body strength. 🙂 But I flew into platform 2 with a “Whooooo!”
Midway through I reached the longest and highest line…164 yards high and 492 yards long…ack! At this point, I just didn’t dwell on the task before me…just kept looking up and controlling my breathing.
Finally reached the final cable and finished with exhilaration! Actually, I felt nauseous. I think it was the adreniline running through me. I drank water and let my heartbeat slow. During the ride back to the base, I laughed and talked with my guides. They’d taken pictures of me during the tour and were just wonderful. Young, healthy, and happy…I must admit, I was jealous of their ease on the lines and wondered if the experience would have been different if I had been in better shape.
When I got back home, on Thursday morning, I was exhausted. Two weeks of non-stop running and stress…I just had to work from home that day. I needed a break. I watched the last episode of Biggest Loser and one of the contestants said, “50 before 50,” meaning, she wanted to lose 50 pounds before she turned 50 years old.
I thought about that and decided to make “47 before 47” would be a new mantra for me. Originally I wanted to lose 50 pounds before I turned 47…but 47 before 47 is perfect. I’ve already lost about 12 pounds…35 more to go before July 11th! That’s 21 weeks…just a little over 1.6 pounds a week. So doable!
I know I can do this. Doing the zip line brought home to me how I can set a goal and how I can overcome many obstacles to achieve it. What stops me, and probably many others, from achieving my weight loss goals is fear. Fear of not being good enough and not being lovable and strong enough to do it. But, when have I ever let fear stop me from doing something I really wanted to do? I can think of many times in my life when I have faced my fears and just kept going because I had to or I needed to. I can do this…