>I’m so happy for the weekend to be here. I am ready to focus on myself in a way that I don’t get to during the week. During the week I can only focus on others for most of the day…frankly, it’s exhausting. No wonder I’m tired all the time. The one time during my week day when it’s all about me? My workouts! I’m beginning to love working out for that alone. No stupid emails or phone calls by rude/selfish/just plain moronic people who desperately can’t figure out or negotiate social norms.

I don’t know how I’m doing as far as the numbers go…I haven’t weighed all week. Mainly because as soon as I get up, I put on my workout clothes…the scale is in the basement, so I don’t really want to undress down there before I workout. I’ll weigh in tomorrow to see where I am. But honestly none of that matters to me today because I’m feeling pretty good…I don’t feel bloated…I feel like I have some good energy this morning…and I am feeling healthier than I was a couple of months ago. I am also feeling excited about the changes I’ve been making…I feel like I am setting a good example for those around me too. I like that some of the ladies I work with are investing in their own health and well-being!

This weekend, I am preparing the raised beds for early spring planting, and I’ll be starting some seeds in an indoor greenhouse. I love making plans for growing our own veggies at this time of the year. I want to do a lot of canning this season so that I have some of the organic bounty next winter.

Okay..I know this was a pretty random, bloggy post…but just wanted to capture these thoughts today…