I have never been one to take a bunch of pills. I just don’t think about it and, often, I feel a little naseous when I take more than one or two.

But I’ve read a lot about different supplements and though some would argue that they just give you very expensive pee…others say that that there are many supplements we would do good to take.

I have developed a short list of supplements that I am going to take for the next 30 days:

  • Multi-vitamin
  • Fish Oil
  • Probiotic

The multi-vitamin is easy…hands down, I’ve read very good things about multi-vitamins. For me, it’s important that the multi be one capsule/pill taken once a day. If it’s something like, “take 3 of these twice a day”, then I’m not going to do it. Like exercise, if it doesn’t get done in the am, then I’m probably not going to get to it.

Fish oil…I just keep reading good stuff about fish oil. Number one, it’s a way to moisturize the body from the inside out…so good stuff for joints and healthier hair, skin, and nails. But even better, fish oil contains omega 3s. Omega 3s are so good for us because they help prevent heart disease, reduce high blood pressure, reduce joint pain, and increase brain development and memory function.

Probiotics…so this is something that I’ve been researching and would like to take for a limited time. I have some digestive issues that, I believe, probiotics will help to normalize.

Working Out

I would like to add an arms workout to my regimen. I have always had good arms but in the past few years they have gotten a bit wobbly. So, it’s probably a good idea to work my biceps, triceps, and deltoids.

I have also been pretty slack on doing yoga for the past few months. So I would like to get back to that. Ideally, a short 20-30 minute session at home in the evenings would be great. But, as you know, I struggle with doing anything other than chilling out in the evenings. However, it seems that I could really make an effort to do some yoga before bed. I like restorative yoga more than any other kind and it relaxes me deeply so maybe it would help my to sleep better.


I haven’t lost that much this month…as far as I know (I haven’t been jumping on the scale that often). I feel like my weight loss has stalled a bit. I wanted to lose 10 pounds this month but I will be happy if I lose 4 (a pound a week!). I have been working out and watching what I eat pretty well. I have been eating clean, for the most part…if anything I drank more this month than last.

One thing I do know…if I can get past this and up my game even more, then I know I will reach my goal. 47 before 47, baby! I can do it!