>Hit the 10% lost mark today…that means, I’ve lost 20 pounds since January.

I feel so much better. I feel stronger and more energetic. And I feel lighter, emotionally.

Is my life perfect now? Hardly. Will it be when I lose the remaining 30 pounds? Doubtful. But I expect that I will feel even better! I expect to feel strong. I expect to go through a vinyasa flow class without thinking “Damnit! I hate this! I just want to lay on the floor!” I expect to sleep soundly at night and wake up with energy to get me through the day.

I am thrilled with the results of my effort. I know it’s just a number on the scale. I know it’s not an accurate measure of health. It’s just a marker. But I don’t care…for today I am going to celebrate this milestone! Goodbye 180s! Hello 170s…see you next week!