Starting Friday, after work, through Sunday evening, I’m creating a “Renew You” weekend. This is the first of many retreats to come because I intend to grow a community of women who are focused on creating optimal health for themselves.

This weekend is, simply about renewing my commitment to myself. It is about starting over and beginning again. It’s about ramping my motivation up to full power. It is about creating a lifestyle in which optimal health is the focus.

Recently, I read an article on the concept of “starting over.” It’s called Begin Again by Phillip Moffitt and it can be found in a special magazine by Yoga Journal, Yoga for Weight Loss (page 114). About starting over, Moffitt says, “Starting over practice is like this – you attend as best you can to the immediate situation that is challenging you, keeping yourself firmly rooted in the present. You shift your focus away from dwelling on those circumstances and characteristics that limit you and redirect it toward recognizing the strengths from which can realize your potential. You become a more effective person by simply learning to use your time and energy to do what you can do right now.”

I will be incorporating the concept of starting over into my weekend of renewal.

On the agenda:

  • How to begin a daily Yoga practice (asana, meditation and yoga nidra)
  • Cardio (both fast walking through the beautiful neighborhood and zumba!)
  • Restorative yoga classes (yin yoga and gentle vinyasa flow)
  • A supportive detox (eating from a vegetarian and vegan menu), steam room and sauna (a modern sweat lodge, if you will), detoxing herbs/teas, and lots of peace and quiet
  • A Renew You guided meditation

If you’d like to join me for any part of the weekend, let me know!