I’m offering this meditation here because, I believe, this blog is more suited for those who wish to walk a mystical, esoteric path…

This meditation is simple and can easily be adapted to suite the woman who performs it. Pray to whomever you want or don’t bring prayer into it at all…this is all about aligning your energies to the energies of the Universe. This ritual or active meditation works with the principle of the law of attraction. As above, so below…as within, so without.

To start…gather the following:
  • a photo/picture of yourself currently (this is NOT a “before” photo…either find or take a photo of yourself…try to be natural and perfectly yourself!)
  • a candle
  • a little something that will remind you of your commitment to optimal health (I have a small smooth stone that has the word “walk” carved in it)
  • some incense that you love
  • a small cup of fragrant tea made of relaxing herbs (you may start drinking this before you start the ritual and during, if you wish)
  • a fireproof dish or bowl or something small that you can burn a piece of paper in
  • a sheet of paper
  • a pen or marker

The time for your ritual can be up to you. Dawn would be a nice time of day to signify new beginnings…but more importantly, choose a time when you will not be disturbed for a few hours.

Before the meditation consider the following:

  • You may wish to take a cleansing bath or shower
  • Dress simply and comfortably
  • You may wish to play some ambient music or keep the room silent – or you may wish to hold this ritual outside
  • Place your things in the middle of the room or wherever you’ve designated sacred/safe space
  • Don’t forget to ground your energy after the meditation – eat something, a piece of toast or simple protein will work to bring you back to the now/present


  • A few feet from where you’ve placed your things, walk a circle…and as you walk the circle think about how whatever happens inside the circle is sacred…you are safe to be completely open…as long as you are in this circle, there is no judgement, no right or wrong – walk the circle until you really feel as if you’ve created a container of energy that is safe and solid. This container is your direct connection to the Universe/God/Goddess/Divine…create it consciously.
  • When you are ready, walk to the center of the circle. Light the candle and incense.

  • Sit down wherever you feel comfortable within the circle and begin to meditate on something within the circle – the candle flame, the incense smoke, your charm whatever you are drawn to – but once you choose, focus on it and it alone
  • After some time, end your meditation and pick up the paper and pen – write a new commitment to yourself – be realistic, be compassionate and be honest
  • Sip your tea and let your gaze fall to your photo…enter into a meditative state and visualize yourself in a state of optimal health – note the details: what are you wearing? what are you doing? – when you can see yourself clearly, light your written commitment and burn it in the dish…sending the energy into the universe
  • Spend a moment in gratitude before blowing out the candle (let the incense go out as well)
  • Stand and walk the circle once more…knowing that you are releasing the circle and are re-entering the world of the mundane…knowing that you now carry with you a new sense of commitment, love and compassion for yourself