>I posted these videos on my What’s Eating You facebook page but also wanted to post them here.

One key component of the retreat is yoga. I have been practicing yoga, on and off for the past few years and, I must say, it’s a fantastic, healing form of moving meditation that can open your mind to whole new worlds. Change your mind to change your life, indeed!

Today’s recommendations – Tools for transformation:

Sarah Powers Insight Yoga DVD. Or you can find her on Yoga Journal and YouTube.

Another resource for today’s agenda – How to Make Your Own Mala – check out this series of videos from YouTube:

Vegetarian Menu for today – Just for today, try to make everything you eat a conscious choice – make it organic and local, if you can – make it cruelty free if at all possible. Be grateful for the food that nourishes you. Make it delicious…

  • Breakfast – a fruit salad and Ezekiel Cinnamon Raisin toast with a tablespoon organic nut butter. Earl Grey tea…
  • Lunch – watermelon, beet, balsamic salad with roasted root veggies (will post detailed recipe later!)
  • Dinner – homemade veggie/black bean chili

Hope you are having a peaceful day…one more thought for today…have you seen the trailer for this movie, Yogawoman…