I had such a relaxing weekend…

I did my workouts…cardio on Saturday and Sunday. Also did some yoga…a longer session on Saturday than Sunday but both satisfying.

I ate healthy and drank lots of tea and water.

I got lots of rest…and, in general, had lots of quiet time.

I did not finish my mala…got started on it and then decided that the beading thread I had wasn’t thick enough…so hoping to work on it this week.

So I have something to tell you, dear readers…

During the week of Cathy’s birthday, on that Monday, I weighed in and wrote about hitting my 10% lost goal. By the following Monday (last Monday) when I went for my annual physical, I was shocked to see that I’d gained 10 pounds. 10!!!! So okay, I didn’t exercise a lot that week and by Friday, I wasn’t eating as clean or low calorie…I mean, I made fried chicken and mashed potatoes for the big birthday dinner, for crying out loud. And then had a hot dog and peanuts and nachos and beer at the Reds game. But still, 10 pounds???

It was eye-opening. My portions weren’t that much bigger…it was, rather, the processed stuff (and probably alcohol that I drank) that blew me up like a balloon. I was so full after that weekend. So bloated!

By yesterday, after a week of clean eating and a little exercise, I’d taken off 7 of the 10 ‘pounds’…

It’s weird too because most of the weight loss blogs that I read and some of my friends have recently experienced a similar loss of motivation/momentum. This was one of the reasons that I wanted to have a Renew You weekend.

I’m going to plan another one for late summer, wonder if anyone would be interested in joining me?