The Flying Pig Poster

I picked up my race packet today. Got lots of FP swag! Took a few pix…next year, it would be fantastic if someone would do this with me!

Part of the racer packet is a Flying Pig poster. I have 4 of them! Was just thinking, maybe I should frame them and hang them up in my home gym…that could be pretty inspiring!

The Pig is kind of awesome because you get some cool swag – the technical shirt, a backpack and a poster. I bought the shoe jewelry, the GU, the teeny tiny Glide, a vintage FP technical shirt, and the little, tiny runner’s pouch.

Flying Pig SWAG (stuff we always get!)

The runner’s belt: It’s like a super tiny fanny pack…just big enough to carry my keys, my phone, and a packet of GU. It’s the thing that says 13.1 on it.

Just walking through the Expo I picked up a reusable Rumpke bag (this is going to be a GREEN run – I’ll follow up with statistics when I get them) and the magazine.

Shoe bling! Too cute and super cheap…how could I not?

My bibb! I’m in pig pen E!!  :D

So I am a bit nervous because I wish I’d trained harder. I am hoping that the weather cooperates…though I  think I should be fine if it rains. I’m not wearing cotton. I will be wearing a hat and carrying a disposable poncho.

The only BLING that I really care about is the piece they give you when you cross the finish line…the medal. ;>