I am trying to sit with a craving today.

It is so hard. I keep wanting to go eat a whole bag of chips with some french onion dip.

I am not hungry. I don’t think that I’m thirsty. Though maybe I should drink a big glass of water just to be sure that what I’m feeling isn’t thirst.

So sitting with the craving…

And drinking some water.

If it doesn’t go away after the water, then I’m going for a walk.

Okay…edited to add: It’s about an hour and a half later and I feel much better. I ended up drinking two glasses of water. As I was drinking the first glass I realized that I had a bit of a headache. It went away on my second glass.

I am actually proud of myself for sitting with this craving and not automatically just thinking, “Nothing is going to change. I’m going to give in to this craving and eat now…just this once. I’ll be better tomorrow.”

Instead, I flipped the script…and I said, “I’m going to sit with this uncomfortable feeling. What can I learn here?” I made a mini plan to drink water. Then, if that didn’t work, I was going to go for a walk as a distraction (even if today is my rest day).

I’m so glad I am sitting here typing this instead of numbing out with a bag of chips!