…got to make this moment last…

Often, I think, we somehow get the notion that we have to lose weight and we have to lose it fast. We crunch the numbers and set impossible goals…like, “I want to lose 30 pounds in a month”.

I think that we get to a point where we are upset with where we are, on the scale, and a feeling of desperation sets in…then we grasp at anything that will provide some relief.

I see this time and again on the weight loss blogs that I read. People resorting to stupid weight loss gimmicks and “quick fixes”…like the HCG diet, the Medifast diet, etc., all to lose 25 or 30 pounds so that they can then get the lapband or gastric bypass surgery.

I read this stuff and think, “slow down, man…slow down.” They put all this energy into trying to lose weight fast enough to get surgery to lose weight even faster…and I think, why not channel that energy into simply eating clean and being active?

Because really, that’s what usually leads to optimal health…and is what real beauty is all about.

Slowing down has been key for me…it keeps me consistent. Yeah, I have times where I “fall off the wagon”…for example, these last two weeks have been a bear for me. We have experienced death in the family and, subsequently, I picked up a sinus infection somehow…I haven’t exercised in about 10 days. But, rather than let this snowball into months of reclining on the sofa, I’m going to start back today (with a yoga class tonight and a nice walk through the neighborhood this weekend).

While I have indulged in a few not so healthy foods (re: highly processed!), I haven’t completely given up on my healthy eating plan.

There’s simply no need to panic and become reactionary. This is a process. I accept and love myself right where I am in this moment. I can extend the same compassion I feel for others to myself. I see that I’m starting to feel better and while I don’t feel like I need to go on a 5 mile walk, I can get back to my yoga practice and walks in a gentle way. I am on my way to health!