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I don’t think I did a good job this week.

On the one hand, I lost 3 pounds of bloat! On the other…I feel like I didn’t do my best. I didn’t eat perfectly all week and though I started out with good exerise, I blew it during the last part of the week.

I feel like that little doggy instead of the cat. What happened to accessing my inner warrior?

I don’t know what to do. I feel like I’ve let myself down. I feel kind of depressed and I feel really tired.

In the past I would have said, okay I didn’t do the first week perfectly so I’m going to quit. But, in this case, I think I need to just perservere. I need to stay the course and work my way through this next 6 weeks.

Maybe I need to watch reruns of Xena: Warrior Princess and G.I. Jane!

I’m so glad I have a three day weekend. I am going to use it to motivate myself to stay on track.

Perhaps I need to get on my treadmill rather than to fight the heat…but exercise has definitely got to be on the agenda.

How’s your challenge going?