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Today is going to be a better day, even though, when I jumped on the scale prior to getting on the treadmill, it showed me being up 3.8 pounds. Hah! That’s water retention y’all!

Okay, so I started the morning with a cup of earl grey…then puttered around (packed my lunch) before my exercise time. I must get to this earlier because I’ve been running late for the past two mornings. At any rate…yesterday, by the time I was done with my 30 mins, I had the beginnings of a blister from my brand new trainers. So this morning, I put on some thicker socks. That did the trick. I’m happy to report, I’m blister free.

After exercise, because I was running so late, I went ahead and made my breakfast. This is my go to meal for mornings…it keeps me full and satisfied until lunch rolls around. 1 slice of French Meadow bread – toasted and topped with 1 tbsp organic peanut butter and a sliced banana. Served with a tall glass of unsweetened iced earl grey (I didn’t drink the whole cup this morning).

AND guess what I did before I left for work — actually, before Cathy left for work — I got rid of all the leftover Halloween candy and the big jar of candy corn mix. I dumped it all into bags and gave it to Cathy to take to her office. I just don’t need the temptation. The only thing left in the candy bucket was a stash of toys (we can give them out next year — shhhhh, you have a sneak peek to next year’s theme!).

For lunch, I made a big salad and made sure to pack a low cal dressing (yesterday I ate over 200 calories just in dressing – when you’re only eating 1300 cals a day, it makes sense to choose wisely). This salad is all organic (of course) – chickpeas, tomato, roasted red pepper, carrots, and a tbsp of shaved parm…the only thing missing? A big hunk of bread. Hah! But that’s okay…I don’t need bread for lunch today. I’ll save that as a treat for later on in the week. At any rate, it was a huge salad and came in right at 304 calories.

I doubt I will keep up this kind of daily post through the whole 90 days…but am thinking that I can do something like this at least once or twice a week. I imagine that you’ll probably get tired of me posting the same breakfasts and lunches! ;>

Oh! One thing I’m trying to do on a daily basis…enter everything into my Fitness Pal app. It’s a good way for me to track my calories. I believe it’s a free app and it’s super nifty. If you have it, friend me if you want to see what I’m eating and what I’m doing.

So I had a snack around 3pm-ish today. An organic apple and half a Kind Bar. Delish and hopefully will keep me going until dinner. I need to leave so that I can go vote and still get home at a decent time. I’d like to do something active tonight…like a half hour of yoga sounds amazing!!!

I have been writing on this post all day…think I’ll go ahead and publish and post a little update later, if I can.

So, day 2 is almost down with 88 to go! 🙂