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Seven days gone. The weekend was not easy — we went out to eat twice. But I tracked everything I ate and drank through My Fitness Pal and I kept up the exercise.

The weekend afforded me an opportunity to take my walks outside. It was a beautiful walk both times and I surprised myself by going much faster than I knew I could. I got in 45 minutes each time and that was a good thing. Three days of 45 mins was my goal.

This week I am going for 45 mins on Tuesday. And then an hour on Wed – Saturday with Sunday being my long day at an hour and a half. And then my training will move to a kind of C25k type program. I want to get running, though I am nervous because my knees have been hurting…not just when I’m walking but when I am doing everyday activities. That scares me. My Mom had a horrible knee surgery when she was about my age…I definitely don’t want to do that.

But today is my rest day! And I am happy about that. I’m tired. 🙂 But I also completed another goal over the weekend and that was to set up an area where I can do yoga on a nightly basis. And tonight is my first night. I’m going to choose a night beginner’s flow yoga class and am going to do that when I get home. If I am ravenous at that time, I will have a little veggie snack – carrots and hummus or something like that but then yoga!!!

So, folks…I will stop dancing around the purpose of today’s post…it’s my official weigh in! I wrote the goal of 8.8 pounds on my wrist. I know that seems like a lot since I’m not on the Biggest Loser Ranch but it was my first week back and I often deal with a lot of bloat so I figured I had some water weight to lose. Yesterday morning, I peeked and saw that I was down 7.8. But you know the scale is a fickle bastard so it will be interesting to see what it says this morning!

Results: lost 8 pounds! Though I missed meeting my goal by .8 of a pound, I am thrilled. Way to go me! I kicked ass this week and didn’t feel deprived at all. I had coffee with cream and sugar on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. I had two glasses of wine of Friday, two on Saturday, and one last night with dinner. We ate lunch out on Saturday and ate dinner out on Sunday. I felt satisfied all week and got a little energy boost (and confidence boost) from my exercise routine.

All in all, a very good first week!