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Doing okay!

Though I did see a gain on the scale today. Yeah, I have been jumping on the scale almost every morning. Probably not a good idea. But, I think that’s what motivated me to be sure not to blow off the treadmill this morning.

As I said in my Facebook post this morning – I was not in the mood and almost missed my chance to get in my workout. But I did it. I thought I would just do 25 minutes faster than I normally did. I thought I would just try for the same calorie burn I’ve been getting. I thought that I could “at least” do that. But mainly, I just put on my shoes and got on.

I saw a “sign” or “saying” or something on Facebook the other day that essentially said don’t spend your time talking yourself out of working out.

I’m so glad I did. It made the 1 pound gain not so bad (plus, I know it’s just scale shenanigans).

Still hoping for a 2.8 pound loss on Monday. We’ll see…